Through more than 20 years of transformation, Jiangji has gradually grown from an initial manufacturer of electric energy meters to a large comprehensive national high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and production of electric vehicle charging equipment and operation systems, photovoltaic energy storage equipment, smart meters, and other related fields.        Since 1978, China has ushered in four decades of reform and opening up. The rapid development of China's industrial economy in the past forty years has led to being among the world's top in multiple fields, and the growth of Jiangji has also benefited from the overall environment of reform and opening up. We have gathered a research team with high-quality talents to overcome difficulties and continuously innovate and break through in the power industry and new energy field. We have successfully accumulated valuable experience and reserved abundant resources for the global strategic layout of the new energy industry chain.        Heaven rewards diligence, earth rewards kindness, business rewards trust, and humanity rewards sincerity. The success of Jiangji is a microcosm of the "Made in China 2025" strong country strategy. Today, Jiangji cannot do without the support of elites in various industries and the care of governments at all levels. Jiang Ji, guided by the new era, will write a broader blueprint and embark on a new journey!

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